The Sky Is Not Falling

Mohler is a lifelong Southern Baptist and the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. If you won’t listen to me, listen to this guy. He’s BMOC at one of your own seminaries!

Southern Baptists were not forced to marry freed slaves after the Civil War. Southern Baptists have never been forced to marry interracial couples. Southern Baptists are not forced — except by statistics — to perform marriages between divorcees. There is nothing which could convince any reasonable person that a consequence of today’s SCOTUS ruling will be Southern Baptist ministers being forced to perform gay marriages. You know what will force Southern Baptist ministers to perform gay marriages? Public opinion. In another fifty years, it will be looked down upon, but not heard of, just like it is looked down upon but not unheard of for SB ministers to marry interracial couples, couples where one or the other or both are divorced, or one or the other is of a different faith. In another hundred years, if the SBC still exists, they will be whitewashing their opposition of marriage equality, just like they whitewash their affiliation with slavery and the civil rights violations of the post-Civil War and Civil Rights eras.

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Our Final Frontiers

Kind of miffed at the comments contrasting the Mars rover landing with the Olympics. They’re not in the same category, except in that they are the pinnacle of human achievement in two separate fields. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. We can celebrate the Mars rover’s sticking a perfect landing while also celebrating Oscar Pitorius going where no double amputee has ever gone before — an athlete’s final frontier.